5 Awesome Sushi Art

When one says sushi, one automatically thinks about the Japanese. But surely, it’s not only the Japanese who have gotten crazy of this food, especially with its design.

The world is always mesmerized by how professionals design sushi. The possibilities are endless but here are some of the surprising looks ever given to a sushi. These designs never fail to give them a slurping and appetizing look. So, do you think you can control yourself for now?

Check out these 5 amazing way to make Sushi look even more appetizing!

1. Panda Sushi

If you still can’t get enough of Kung Fu Panda, then here is the sushi customized just for you! This sushi is designed with the same black cute ears, eyes, nose and lips as your idol Panda. Definitely, a cooking art! Are you sure you still want to eat this or you just want to keep this in the fridge? Well, the best fantasy may be to give this sushi as a special birthday gift to Kung Fu Panda himself – and surely, he can’t stop eating this mini-caricature of himself!

2. Microsoft Windows Laptop Sushi

Bill Gates will surely love this sushi! Shaped like a laptop with Windows flashing on its screen, this might just be the most techie sushi out in the market. Once you start taking a bite on this sushi though, you can’t anymore press the backspace key to regenerate it. This food looks like Windows but of course, it doesn’t work like Windows. Well, such a deceiving art!

3. U.S. President Barack Obama Sushi

All the while, you thought that the Obama support ended with the election votes? Well, not until you see this one-of-a-kind sushi – a very cute miniature of the U.S. President himself! This is designed by Kawasumi-Sensei, a sushi chef teaching at Tokyo University, in honor of the President. After all those trial-and-errors, he came up with this final result – a happy and laughing Barack Obama. For Obama’s skin, brown rice is used; for his hair, black sesame seeds; for his lips, tiny shrimp; and for his all-out smile, fish paste. Isn’t it lovely?

4. Tommy Sushi

So, why is the name Tommy? This is actually based on Tomica, a toy truck from which the artwork is modelled. Paramodel, an artistic duet from Osaka, Tokyo, combined Tomica, a toy truck, and Sushi, a food model of Japanese food, into one magnificent artwork, the Tommy Sushi! The sushi is carried at the back of the truck – giving the whole food a come-eat-me-now look!

5. Gummy Sushi Art

Gummy bears are still not out of the picture today. In fact, they have invaded the Japanese world of sushis. The whole sushi is actually made of Gummy bear materials. Thus, you can expect a little bit of stretching with this food. This may not be your typical sushi which is made of rice but this is still one heck of a sushi art. The look is, indeed, very tempting.

So, after seeing all the images, do you still want to eat this food? Maybe, you now feel that pang of regret in destroying the sushi’s whole image once you get to take a bite of it. Well, blame it to the art. Undoubtedly, the concoctions inside the sushi rolls are not that easy, thus, much credit should be given to the talented and artistic chefs who made all of these possible. Definitely, sushi art is an impressive test of creativity.

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