Foods that lower cholesterol

This is an extremely integral part of any cholesterol treatment. If you are suffering from high cholesterol levels, then you properly need the proper diet that will help you to work more effectively towards lowering your LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL in the same effect. On the other hand, you can adopt to use foods that reduce the effect of LDL oxidation in the arteries thus less chances of fat buildup. These foods will help you stay clear of any stroke and heart disease complications. This article focuses on the kind of foods that you can incorporate into your daily diet in order to lower your cholesterol levels.


Avoiding cholesterol in diet

This is probably and issue that many high cholesterol culprits are grappling with. You might be so much geared at reducing your LDL cholesterol in a fortnight. Be warned that doing this by eliminating cholesterol rich products can easily deprive your system of some very important nutrients. Make sure that whichever approach you adopt to take in it works well with your system. It is very advisable that incase of totally eliminating the high cholesterol food substances from your diet you can go for the option of taking foods that help lower the cholesterol levels.

Understand that your body produces between 1500 and 1800 mili grams of cholesterol each day. Majority of this is ideally manufactured by the liver and some smaller percentages within the small intestines and some selected body cells. An average American household diet is made up of upto 800 mg of cholesterol. Research has also shown that by eliminating the high cholesterol foods just forces the body to produce more cholesterol in order to compensate for the deficit. On the other hand, if you did not know, you may be depriving you body of very essential nutrients. Foods that lower the cholesterol are the most advocated for in such scenarios.

Eating foods that lower cholesterol

This is mainly made up of foods and supplements that help lower the level of cholesterol in the body. These ideally are foods that help to lower the level of LDL and subsequently increase the level of HDL cholesterol in the system. This article provide an insight into some of the products you can adopt and that can really work well for you in the effect of lowering the cholesterol level.

Odor free garlic diet supplements

According to a research conducted in the year 1998 in the Penn State, there are a certain chemicals in garlic that are very helpful in reducing liver cholesterol production. The research also revealed that the use of aged and fresh garlic were both ideal measures to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol in the system. The deodorized garlic supplements have a very great potential and can even be much effective is ingested twice a day. There are varied levels of efficacy of garlic elements used in reducing cholesterol levels. To some you might need to use them for up to eight times a day.


This product is known to contain the alpha linoleic acid thus having high fiber capacity. Lonoleic is said to be and essential fatty acid under the omega three supplements statute. These supplements significantly heighten the levels of HDL while subsequently lowering the level of LDL cholesterol. In order to achieve such benefits, you have to make sure that you take in flax seed oil or better still the flax seed itself. By consuming the flax seeds themselves, you will be adding more fibre into the system which is very effective in lowering the level of LDL in the system. On the other hand, the flax seed oil is even more powerful to this effect. It is very rich in lignans. These are potential radicals and anti-oxidants that help in damaging tissue. They are actually said to play a very huge role in the many diseases. For the flax seed oil, just take a spoonful in the morning and evening and you will be better placed to working yourself to lower cholesterol levels.

Use of fish oils and cold water fish

Some cold water fish like bass, salmon, trout, tuna and the mackerel contain the omega-3 supplements which help much in lowering your LDL levels while subsequently raising your HDL. On the other hand, fish oils are easy to consume in case you do not like that taste of fried fish.

Soluble fiber

There are many soluble fiber foods and supplements all over the world. Oats products for instance are recommended by many medical practitioners are essential elements in lowering the cholesterol levels. There are other effective soluble fibers like chickpeas, apple pectin and grapefruit which are also helpful as well.

Use of soy products

These are ideally products that contain the soy protein and the soy isoflavones. They have over the years been very consistent in offering cholesterol relief. Examples of these products are soy milk, tempeh, tofu, etc.

Try using raw onions

A recent medical study conducted at the Tufts University has shown that by eating raw onions once a day significantly increases your HDL levels by upto 30%. However, you have to be cautioned when using the onions to this effect because they can easily affect your social life negatively.

Virgin olive oil

It is believed that by taking up to 3 tablespoons of this oil daily can significantly decrease your LDL cholesterol levels. It also significantly the oxidation effect on LDL cholesterol in the blood. This then increases the prevalence of phenols in the blood.

Use of orange juice

A certain study conducted in the year 200o showed that the consumption of 750ml of this juice over a period of a month helped to significantly increase the level of HDL in the system. Consumption of lower volumes of the juice did not seem to give any noticeable effects.

Moderation of red wine

Red wine contains a substance called resveratrol which is an anti-oxidant that is closely linked to the prevention of the oxidation of LDL cholesterol in the blood vessels. On tbe other hand, a more recent study has revealed that another red wine component- saponin helps to lower the level of LDL cholesterol. Syra and red zinfandel which are the main sources of red wine contain very high saponin concentrations.


This is known to contain capsaicin which helps cholesterol culprits to better control their cholesterol levels.

Eating eggs in moderation

This is regarded as the food substance with the highest level of cholesterol. You have to read back and note that the cholesterol added into the body though diet only constitutes a very small fraction of the whole thing. Eggs are said to contain choline which is a lecithin component that helps to dissolve fats thus lowering the LDL.

Use of selenium

This is an antioxidant that has over the years been shown to prevent sclerosis of the artery. This substance works very well in combination with vitamin E. Just take 200cmg of this daily and you can be guaranteed results.

Folic acid

The main function of folic acid is to help the body maintain normal levels of homocysteine. This factor is known to accelerate the rate of LDL oxidation in the arteries.

Vitamin C

This now works best in increasing the level of HDL and the subsequent conversion of cholesterol into the more useful bile. It helps the body to create more collagen thus helping in the repair of worn out arteries.


This helps to avoid the LDL cholesterol level.


This is a tumeric component and helps inhibit the oxidation effect on LDL cholesterol. This helps to reduce the effect of fat accumulation in the arteries.

Ideally, it is important to make sure that you try to avoid the foods that are raise your cholesterol levels. In order to work to the best interest of lowering your cholesterol level, you have to avoid fried foods, lard and saturated fats all in all.

This information is subject to change as research work is still ongoing and other food types that help to reduce LDL cholesterol might be realized.

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