HDL Cholesterol Levels

This is also referred to as the good cholesterol. It helps in clearing up fat deposits in arteries thus allowing blood to flow freely in these vessels. The scoured fats are then sent to the liver for further processing. The level of a person’s HDL cholesterol defines the level of smooth blood flow.



HDL cholesterol that is lower that 40mg is known to lead to coronary artery diseases even to people who have near normal levels of cholesterol. Levels between 40 and 60 mg are ideal to protect a person from the possibility of heart disease. Ideally, hen it comes to HDL cholesterol levels, then the higher the better.

Increasing the HDL level

There are a couple of approaches that you can adopt in order to increase the level of HDL in your system.

Aerobic exercise – regular aerobics such as riding or walking are very important to this effect. They help to detoxify your body. Aerobic exercises are also aimed at increasing the level of burning of fat in the body thus lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood. Take like half an hour a day to workout and you will appreciate the essence of the whole thing. Even if you choose to split the sessions, you are likely to achieve almost the same level of effect. This is a very ideal way to increase your HDL levels.

Weight loss – obesity results into increased LDL cholesterol. Well if at all you are obese or grappling with your overweight condition it is important to adopt a slim up program. This will help you to increase your HDL cholesterol levels. It might work well for you especially when you exercise the abdomen and hip muscles because apparently they are the main host of fats in the body.

Quit smoking – stopping smoking helps to increase the HDL cholesterol levels.

It is also important to cut down on the consumption of fatty foods. Processed foods are known to contain very high levels of fat and thus need to be moderated. The trans fatty acids affect and reduce the level of HDL while increasing the level of LDL cholesterol. You therefore have to go back to the drawing board and revise your diet further.

Alcohol leads to the increase in LDL cholesterol thus leading to heart problems and stroke along with other substantial health problems.

Increasing the consumption of monosaturated fats can help much in increasing the level of HDL in your system. These fats include as a representative, olive oil, canola oil and fats that are found in peanut butter. One thing that is very fascinating about these fats is that they can ideally increase the level HDL cholesterol without and effect in the total cholesterol level.

You also need to add soluble fiber to your diet. These are present in oats, fruits, vegetables, legumes. They help to balance the levels of both LDL and HDL cholesterol. You can take these substances at least twice a day for best results.


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