High Cholesterol Foods to Avoid


A diet that usually has lots of cholesterol and fats makes on to be at a very high risk of contracting different types of diseases notes the American Heart Association. These saturated fats arte normally found in foods like the dairy products and the meat products. While the majority usually consumed at the fast food joints. These foods are useably unhealthy and make the person using them to be at great risk especially if they do not follow the exercise regime.

1. What are you eating for breakfast?


The important thing to note on the high cholesterol foods is the quantity of the cholesterol. According to the American Heart Association, it is important to know what you are consuming. The required in take of cholesterol on a daily basis 300mg. if you have high cholesterol amounts in your body, you need to reduce the amount to 200mg per day. Eggs are one of the high cholesterol foods and if you have just had an egg during the breakfast period, you have just consumed 213g of cholesterol. You need to substitute this and try to take at least fruits or whole grain.

2. The cheese burger


There are lots of American who prefer to have quick lunch at the fast food joints. Before you go ahead to order that delicious double cheese burger, you need to think on the cholesterol levels. Most of the cheese burgers have cholesterol range from 75mg to 175 mg. it will be a good option to take the fries but not on a regular basis.

3. Cheese and Macaroni


The ingredients that are in this meal include cheese, milk, butter and whole milk. All these ingredients have lots of saturated fats but the Americans find it to be a very simple dish to prepare. The best thing will be to opt for low fat cheese and evaporated milk and low butter content. This way, you will still enjoy the meal but healthier.

4. Taking the ice cream during the dessert period


According to the Department of Agriculture, over 1.55 billion gallons were produced in 2007. This is one of the most enjoyed desserts in many American households. Ice cream has a lot of fat content just like the cheese burger and hamburger. It even has more cholesterol than 10 doughnuts combined. Try to take fruits for dessert since they have no cholesterol.

5. Rib- eye steak


This meal has a whole lot of saturated fats that one can ever think of. Taking it alone will give you all the cholesterol at you need for the whole day. If you do not want to leave this delicacy, try choosing leaner meat which has low cholesterol

6. Should you take that muffin?


There are a number of muffin s that are healthy and do not contain the high amounts of fats. However, the normal English muffin contains lots of fats like 8 grams per muffin and if you take two of that, on a daily basis, you will definitely have high cholesterol level in your body. If you want to take them, choose the ones that have low fats and have been made from fruits.

7. Sea food


There are a number of sea foods that are good but there are others that really have lots of high cholesterol. Lobster is the perfect example for the seafood to avoid and it really has high cholesterol and will give you lots of heart problems in the future. Three ounces usually contain 60mg cholesterol.

8. Is chicken good for you?


Chicken is termed to be one of the foods that have low cholesterol but it can also have lots of cholesterol depending on how it is cooked. You need to skin it and also do not fry it of cook it with other fatty foods.

9. Should you take that liver?


Liver has a very important nutrient that we need in the body and it is iron. But did you know that a lot of fat is hidden in the liver? It is a health food but you need to limit how you take. Taking it on a daily basis is not good but at least once a week is very important.

10. Avoid taking snacks


A lot of people love taking snacks but they are filled with lots of fats. Some of the snacks include sweets, fries, cookies and cake. Always check what is on the pack of the food before you take it. Try to purchase the snacks that are low in fat.

The overall importance which will make one have the right levels of cholesterol in the body will be to avoid fatty foods and do lots of exercise.

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