Natural cholesterol treatment

There are many approaches that you can actually adopt in respect to curing your cholesterol levels. This article focuses on the most common natural cholesterol treatments that are available for use today. The main aim of cholesterol treatment is to be able to lower the levels of the bad cholesterol (LDL). Ideally, the role of cholesterol treatment is to create a balance in cholesterol levels in the system. Probably you know that LDL type of cholesterol damages the blood vessels by depositing chunks of fat on the walls of the arteries while HDL work in the reverse order by clearing the blood passages so as to make sure that blood flow is as consistent as possible.

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There are some special procedures that have been designed to help you get the best out of your exercise and achieve a proper balance in your blood cholesterol levels.

  • You are advised to eat foods that are generally low in cholesterol while avoiding those that increase it.
  • Create an informed diet plan and adopt small meals
  • You must exercise, even if once a day
  • You can also opt to cleanse the liver

Cleansing the liver

The liver is known to produce its own counts of cholesterol into the blood. By cleansing it, you are helping to rejuvenate its capacity to generate even more cholesterol thus working well in cases where the blood cholesterol is too. Be therefore warned that by avoiding high cholesterol foods you will not have solved the whole problem of high cholesterol. The body has the ability to manufacture its own cholesterol.

The liver is known to produce 75% to 90 % of the cholesterol in the body. This just means that the diet or food we eat does very little to this effect. By having cleansing of the liver at least one in a year, you will be better placed to deal with the insufficiency of cholesterol in your system.

Exercising and associated benefits

Many people across the globe adopt exercises for a couple of reasons. Mainly people use exercises for purposes of muscle building and toning. Exercising, if you did not know is extremely helpful in burning fat is certain parts of the body such as the belly and the thighs.

This therefore means by exercising you are working positively towards increasing the level of HDL cholesterol in your system while reducing the bad LDL cholesterol. This apparently is the main goal of the natural approach to cholesterol treatment. Exercising is very ideal as a detoxification facility for the body.

All you need to do as far as exercising is concerned is just to spare some half an hour each day to do some exercise like running or jogging. Even if you decide to split the routines over, you are guaranteed close to the same level of result. Many different aerobic exercises perform very differently to this effect so it is just important to make sure that your priorities are properly inclined.

Blood sugar level and the LDL cholesterol

Recent research has revealed that there is a very close relationship between blood sugar level and cholesterol levels. Insulin accompanied with changes in blood sugar levels tend to increase the chances of the increase of LDL cholesterol in your system.

Simple sugar foods are regarded as having high in glycemic index. On the other hand, carbohydrates tend to rake a long time to digest and therefore they do not have much significant effect on the blood sugar. They are referred as being in low glycemic levels. Foods that have a high glycemic index tend to be more likely to increase the levels of LDL. They also make the body to produce lots of insulin. The excess insulin causes the liver to produce more cholesterol into the blood stream. This ideally leads to a general increase in LDL cholesterol.

Foods that lower cholesterol levels

Many people tend to think that by avoiding the foods that are high in cholesterol they are really solving the menace. It is important that they keep in mind that the liver has far much cholesterol throughput as compared to the food we eat and thus by just limiting high cholesterol foods, you will be solving the problem partly. It is important to note that these high cholesterol foods are very ideal in curing certain diseases. Therefore, it is important not to fully eliminate them from the diet. What you need to do is to eat the foods that are high in cholesterol on moderation but elimination would work more retrogressively.

Alternatively you can choose to eat foods that help in lowering the cholesterol levels. For instance, soluble fiber has got nutrients that are very ideal in increasing the HDL level and subsequently lowering the LDL cholesterol. Ideally, to ensure that you are doing this in the best effect, correct your dieting procedures.

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