Natural cure for high cholesterol

Cholesterol problems, if not contained and controlled properly can turn chronic. The main role of cholesterol levels treatment is geared at attaining the most optimum cholesterol levels. Ideally this is achieved by lowering the LDL levels and increasing the level of HDL. This cause is because the former causes buildup of fat in the blood vessels thus inhibiting blood flow while the latter is essential for clearing up the blood vessels in order to allow for proper blood flow.


This article focuses on the cure of cholesterol levels based on common sense. Ideally, the whole aspect of curing cholesterol imbalances is intrinsic. This article focuses on the home remedies that you can adopt to treat unwanted cholesterol levels.

Probably you are wondering, what steps do you have to follow in order to properly treat and keep your cholesterol levels at check? In a nutshell, you have to do the following in your bid to getting that cholesterol balance.

  • Performing cleansing of the liver
  • Exercising relentlessly
  • Eating smaller meals and keeping your dieting at check
  • Eating foods which work towards your goal (those foods that lower your cholesterol levels)

The liver cleanse

When you are conducting natural cure of cholesterol levels, this aspect must come into your mind. You have to know that the liver creates up to 8 times of the cholesterol that we take in through daily diets. Even if you decide to reduce or rather get rid of your cholesterol by avoiding foods that are high in cholesterol, the body still has the capacity to produce its own cholesterol even to concentrations of 75%. When you cleanse the liver, you rejuvenate it. You make it to have the proper capacity to carry out its functions which include the production of cholesterol. This thus means that the liver cleanse is one of the sure ways of increasing your cholesterol levels if you are a HDL type. Through the liver cleanse, you are guaranteed of achieving at least one of the goals of curing cholesterol imbalances.

The essence of exercise

Exercises have been known for many years to help in muscle training and strength training but I tell you, it also works well in this front of treating cholesterol imbalances. Exercises like the ab workouts are known to be entirely dedicated to lowering fat levels in the belly. As a matter of fact exercises help to detoxify the body and cleanse the system. Exercises help to increase the HDL cholesterol levels in your system while lowering the levels of LDL. You only need to spare only half an hour every day for a dedicated aerobic workout and you can be guaranteed of the miracles that this can do for you. You can even choose to break down the exercise into smaller events and still achieve the same level of efficiency. There are many advantages to using exercising for controlling cholesterol levels although some drawbacks abound.

LDL relationship with Blood Sugar

Cholesterol treatment must entail control of the blood sugar levels. Inconsistency or rapid blood sugar level changes together with insulin in the blood heighten the chances of increase of LDL levels in blood plasma. In order to tame such conditions, it is always advisable to make sure that you try and avoid foods like simple sugars which over the years have been known to raise the level of blood sugar. Taking much of carbohydrates are said to lower the levels of glycemic index which is known to be a causative agent of blood sugar.

Recent research has revealed that high glycemic foods raise the level of blood LDL cholesterol level. On the other hand, these foods are known to trigger the body to produce excess insulin. The insulin works negatively towards HDL and is known to rapidly produce more cholesterol instead getting rid of them. This therefore means that foods that are low in glycemic are ideal when curing cholesterol.

Foods to lower cholesterol

There are foods that are known and sampled to help much in lowering the blood cholesterol levels. In order to cure cholesterol imbalances, try as much as you can to cut down on your consumption of foods that are high in cholesterol. You however, should not eliminate these foods completely from your table. Remember that the liver has an even higher capacity to produce much cholesterol. These cholesterol high foods are regarded as essentials in curing some diseases also.

Apart from avoiding the foods that are high in cholesterol, you can opt for foods that lower the cholesterol levels. Soluble fiber is known across the globe to contain components that increase HDL and subsequently lower LDL cholesterol. Therefore by eating the foods that aid in managing your cholesterol levels is very imperative as far as cholesterol cure is concerned.

Keep well away from high cholesterol foods!


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