Normal cholesterol levels

Currently many people around the globe are grappling with high blood cholesterol levels which is apparently the cause of the increasing levels of obesity both in children and adults as well.


This condition is normally caused as a result of bad eating habits. For instance in the US, the states of Georgia and Alabama are known to register the highest prevalence of people with cholesterol problems and obesity in turn. On the contrary, California and Florida many people are much healthy. The residents of Alabama and Georgia who have problems with their cholesterol exhibit such conditions mainly because of diets. The problem should not however be blamed on eating habits, other factors such as heredity and activity levels have the potential of causing these conditions. However it has always been a general belief that what we ingest really determines our body’s health.



Now what is the normal cholesterol level? This is when a person has an ideal ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol. The ideal for men varies from that for women. For people older than 30 years, when they visit the doctor, the doctor would ideally check the levels of both the HDL and LDL in the blood. If for instance the level of LDL is found to be high, the doctor would advise the patient to try and bring the levels lower either through exercises and better and informed dieting. Medications can also be prescribed by the doctor to help the patient bring down the LDL without much hassle. The administration of medication however would be more ideal if the levels of cholesterol are really not high. For extreme cases diet change would be recommended to keep the blood cholesterol levels at check.

High LDL and low HDL cholesterol levels are the most dangerous conditions to be in. Considering the fact that HDL cholesterol plays a critical role in cleaning the arteries, having a deficit of these can be extremely alarming.


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