What is Normal cholesterol levels

In order to have a glimpse of what the ideal cholesterol levels are, it is important to understand what cholesterol really is. Cholesterol refers to fats that do not dissolve directly into blood but need a certain chemical agent to do so.


Cholesterol plays a lot of important roles in the body away from the general perception that it is dangerous.

  • Body cells make use of cholesterol in building protective membranes which protect them from variety of harmful substances.
  • Cholesterol also helps to improve your body’s water retention capacity
  • Cholesterol helps the body to produce vitamin D
  • Acts as a basis for some of the adrenal, ovarian and testis hormones.

The elimination of cholesterol is not going to help you much but what you need is a moderation of the same. By balancing the levels of your HDL and LDL cholesterol will help to make sure that your arteries remain healthy and that you remain less prone to heart attacks or even stroke.

Understand HDL and LDL cholesterol

HDL cholesterol helps to clean the arteries to ensure that blood is freely flowing. It is mostly termed as a scourer. Helps to eliminate fat deposits on the walls of arteries and sends them back to the liver to rejuvenate it.

On the other hand, the LDL cholesterol works more onto the negative effect. It can be oxidized and lead to the formation of fat accumulation on the walls of arteries that inhibiting the smooth flow of blood. This therefore means that in order to keep your arteries healthy always, you have to lower the LDL cholesterol and in the same effect increase HDL cholesterol.

What is the right cholesterol level?

In order to check your cholesterol level, you have to undergo a blood test. Before your blood is tested, you are taken through a lipid count test. This mainly aims to find out the level of both HDL and LDL cholesterol in your blood. The breakdown of the test into HDL and LDL is a more output oriented approach and is bound to give best results. You might not get the kind of results you so much need but you will get some useful advice on how to properly work through your situation. Adopt a diet that helps you to ensure your cholesterol level is properly controlled. Cholesterol is both inclined towards lifestyle and genetics. Below you will see a chart that can help you to better monitor your cholesterol levels and ascertain if you really are working well on the course. The table below shows some of the cholesterol levels.

Level Value (mg/dl)
Total cholesterol 135- 200
LDL cholesterol < 130
HDL cholesterol > 30
Total cholesterol / HDL cholesterol 4.0 -6.0 (for males)

3.7-5.7 (for females)

The indicated value for the ratio between the total and HDL cholesterol levels shows that the individual is healthy. With the recognition that LDL is destructive as compared to the all cherished HDL, the ratios are therefore very good indicators of cholesterol potential to either construct or be a destructor to your arteries. Man and women have to approach the reduction of cholesterol levels very cautiously as you can notice there is a difference in the allowable ranges.

Use of the magic pill

The practice of managing your cholesterol levels both LDL and HDL is very important as far as a healthy lifestyle is concerned. Cholesterols are more of genetically and dietary instigated. This then means that there no emergency or magic pills that can keep the condition in check. However, a recent research has unveiled a supplement that is rich in fiber that can lower the level of LDL cholesterol in the system.

It is more advisable to adopt diets that allow you to maintain the cholesterols using the natural approach. There are also a couple of natural cholesterol maintenance methods that you can make use of.

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